Fuck This Dystopia Collection

Fuck This Dystopia

Gun control. The ultimate partisan piece.

People continue to argue about what firearms people should be able to own, if any. Just some of the facts of the matter are:

  • Everyone has an inherent right to self-defence;
  • A firearm is the ultimate way of ensuring your own personal safety against an armed threat, multiple assailants or someone much larger than you;
  • You cannot remove firearms from circulation even if you wanted to - the cat is out of the bag.

Individuals such as JStark worked tirelessly to ensure that if governments around the world continued to attack individual freedoms and the abilities of the individual to obtain a firearm for self-defence that they could do so using tools such as a 3D printer.

Some politicians simply want to control you. They want the government to have a monopoly on violence so that they may force their social platforms on you. Just look at Canada's sociopath PM.

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